I’m Annie Ryan- an Illustrator/digital collage artist.
Elongated and disproportionate figures have been the signature of much of my work; It is fascinating to me how the particular anatomy of the human form lends itself so well to exaggeration and modification.
I tend to lean towards musicians as a subject matter. Iconic musicians have worked to create a certain look as part of their public persona. It is these slightly quirky looks that I am always drawn to as an Illustrator.
I am constantly gathering images; from 1940’s mugshots and film stills to photographs of people I meet in everyday life. These are then warped, painted, stretched, scratched, photographed, drawn, and sometimes even burnt to create entirely new characters.
I am a fan of all things bold and bizarre and always try and make this evident through my artwork.
My pieces have been used in magazines, book jackets, music videos, murals, skate boards, short films and beverages.
I started my career in Sheffield after graduating and I am now living and working as a freelance Illustrator in the lively city of Manchester.