I’m Annie – a Brighton based Artist/Illustrator.

Elongation, disproportion and texture have been the signature of much of my work. It’s fascinating to me how the anatomy of the human form in particular lends itself so well to exaggeration and modification.

Many of my commissions have had links with the music industry. My work has been featured on album art, gig posters and commissioned prints. More recently I have widened my scope to include snowboards, editorial pieces and packaging. 

I constantly gather images; from 1940’s mugshots to film stills as well as photographs taken in everyday life. These form the library and my ‘toolkit’ from which I can begin the manipulation process. 

I'm in the very fortunate position of doing a job that I love. If you also love what I do and want to get in touch then send me an email at hello@annieryanstudio.com.