I’m Annie Ryan – an Illustrator who uses collage and mark making to combine the old with the new. A fascination with candid vintage photography has been the signature of my work.
Many of my illustrations have started with 1940's mugshots which are then warped, painted, scratched, photographed, drawn, screenprinted and sometimes even burnt to create completely new and quirky characters. This same process has also been applied to 60's / 70's street photography as well as film stills from black and white movies and photographs of people I meet in everyday life. As well as this I like to illustrate iconic musicians, I feel that many of them have an interesting look about them.
I present my work to clients at 'rough' stage in analogue collage form, using printed out figures and textures from magazines and newspapers. I then refine the piece digitally.
I am a fan of all things bold and bizarre and always try to make this evident through my artwork. My pieces have been used in magazines, book jackets, music videos, murals, skate boards, short films, beverages and records.
I started my career in Sheffield after graduating and I am now living and working as a freelance Illustrator in the lively city of Manchester.